Nachi Hydraulic Motor Repair

Nachi Hydraulic Motor Repair

Since the invention of NACHI’s first vane pump in 1943, NACHI has maintained a leading position in the hydraulics market through continuous research and development. Rexton Hydraulic, based in Delhi, India, proudly offers expert repair services for NACHI hydraulic motors, specializing in the PCR Series Swing Motor and NACHI PHV Series 2-Speed Wheel Motor, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

PCR Series Swing Motor Repairs
The PCR Series Swing Motor is renowned for its improved arrangement of components and decreased height, allowing for easy installation under the driver’s seat. Featuring Improved arrangement of components, No need for gear oil replacement, Parking brake can be built into the hydraulic motor, Shockless relief is standard equipment to enable smooth Swing.

PHV Series 2-Speed Wheel Motor
The NACHI PHV Series 2-Speed Wheel Motor is designed to deliver powerful and efficient performance across various applications. Key features include High-speed movement, Compact size, Smooth stopping performance and other rich options which include a parking brake and shockless relief to enhance starting/stopping performance.

Rexton Hydraulic is fully dedicated to providing NACHI hydraulic pump repair services for the both PCR Series Swing motor and NACHI PHV Series 2-Speed Wheel Motor. With over 20 years of experience, our expert team ensures that your hydraulic motors are repaired with genuine materials and as per the industry standards. We have done hundreds of successful servicing including repairing, maintenance and complete rebuilds. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized repair services in Delhi, India.


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