Hatlapa Hydraulic Pump

Hatlapa Hydraulic Pump

In October 2013, MacGregor acquired Hatlapa, strenthening its presence in the merchant shipping industry. With over ninety years of experience, Hatlapa is renowned for manufacturing marine equipment, mainly in the offshore industry. Seeing the burgeoning increase in offshore operations, Hatlapa multiplied its winch portfolio to specialize in anchor handling.

Rexton Hydraulic, based in Delhi, India, is a leading dealer and supplier of Hatlapa Hydraulic pumps and motors. Our good level inventory consists of Hatlapa series like the 25245, 25235, 25215, 25214 and others, catering to numerous marine applications which includes deck cranes, winches, steering gears, and hatch covers.

As a trusted partner, Rexton Hydraulic ensures prompt delivery of hydraulic equipment, serving clients both domestically and internationally. We prioritize first-class guarantee, subjecting all products to rigorous testing and refurbishment processes to meet industry requirements and specifications.

Committed to excellence, Rexton Hydraulic offers top-class hydraulic solutions, ensuring optimum overall performance and sturdiness in tough maritime situations. With our determination to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Rexton Hydraulic keeps to excel in meeting the evolving needs of the global maritime industry.

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